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Genealogy Assistance

Travel provides the power of connection - connecting with each other, connecting with your dreams and imagination, and connecting with the world around you.  Heritage travel allows you to connect with your roots.

Big Creek Travel founder, Lauren Schultheiss, tells this story about why genealogy and heritage travel has always been important to her:

Small brick road

The Importance of Heritage Travel: A Personal Story

Many of our travel partners offer family history tours via land or sea where you can connect with a professional genealogist before or during your trip and explore your roots while traveling. You can choose from packaged tours that explore the highlights of a city or country, or we can help you customize an itinerary that could include visiting villages and historical sites important to your family.

In some cases, the family history experts may even be able to connect you with a relative still living in the area. Many of our clients are grandparents who realize that their family stories have been lost throughout the generations, and they would like to explore their roots and share them with their grandchildren. Heritage travel is the perfect way for generations to connect through history, culture, and experiences.

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