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Countless travel surveys list cruises in the top five vacation choices for families year after year.  And why not?  Since the 1970s, the cruise industry has added more and more amenities to ships and cruise itineraries.  And with more and more options, cruise planning has become more and more specialized.

Big Creek Travel, the premier local travel agency headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has extensive experience with cruise planning.  Our travel agents don’t just sell cruises; we experience them.  We have travel advisors who have sailed on cruises to all of the major islands of the Caribbean and Hawaii, the glaciers of Alaska, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the rivers of Europe.  They have also experienced the wonder of the family's favorite Disney cruises.  If you would like to cruise, but don’t know where to start, we can help narrow your choices to find the exact best match for your interests and needs.

Hawaii couple on standup paddleboard

Family Cruises

Disney cruises are a great option for families. Disney ships have lots of activities designed specifically for children of all ages. However, if you are interested in specific destinations not served by Disney, we have lots of suggestions. There are cruise ships with as many activities and amenities as a Disney cruise that specialize in family-friendly trips while in port. Our travel advisors have traveled with their own families to the destinations listed above and can recommend which particular choices are appropriate for children of various ages.

Smaller Ships / Charters

The big cruise ships are some of the most cost-efficient choices for families; however, we also specialize in helping our clients choose cruises on smaller ships. Smaller ships offer the opportunity to get to know other travelers as well as a dock in lesser-known ports that cannot accommodate the larger ships. Many of our travel advisors have experienced cruising on smaller ships and can speak to the advantages of choosing a smaller ship.

But maybe you would like a completely personalized experience? We can plan an all-inclusive trip on a private yacht charter. You can choose your destinations, your length of travel, and your personalized amenities.

People coming off of a river cruise

River Cruises

River cruises have gained great popularity in recent years. Ocean cruises sail to countries while river cruises sail through them, and River cruises offer itineraries geared toward multi-generational interests. And with only a few hundred passengers, travelers can get to know other travelers and enjoy a camaraderie not available on ships of thousands. Our travel consultants have sailed personally on some of the more popular river cruises and are ready to share their insights.

Solo Cruising

Solo cruising is a great way to see and do exactly what you want. Our local travel advisors have completed advanced training with the cruise lines and have specialized knowledge about options for solo cruisers.

Whether it is the big ships or a private yacht, Big Creek Travel agents have cruised to many of the most popular destinations on many of the most popular cruise lines. As we are the premier local travel agency headquartered in Atlanta, we understand the best way to travel to and from cruise locations. We are ready to share our insider knowledge to assist in planning the cruise of your dreams!

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