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January 19, 2022

Honeymoons Beyond the Beaches

Article written by lauren@bigcreektravel.com
My husband and I were married in August in the heat of summer in the South.  I think I remember record-breaking heat waves happening that […]

My husband and I were married in August in the heat of summer in the South.  I think I remember record-breaking heat waves happening that year and for someone who doesn't enjoy being warm, the idea of going somewhere tropical for our honeymoon had absolutely zero appeal for me.  So, we went to Alaska - and it was AMAZING! Usually when people think "honeymoon" they think somewhere warm and tropical, and there are some amazing options.  If you haven't seen Le Blanc in Cancun or Jade Mountain in St. Lucia, you should definitely take a look. Trending this year, though, are some more off the beaten path ideas.  If you're looking for something beyond the standard beach honeymoon, consider some of these options:


Namibia is the second least densely populated country in the world and its extreme landscapes are a big part of why the country is so unique. From the the tallest dunes in the world to its second-large canyon, Namibia is home to spectacular natural sights. The country offers dramatic landscapes, magnificent wildlife, and rugged beauty, and you can visit it all via luxury land packages and unforgettable safaris.  Sleep under the stars, see the Big 5, and cross the Tropic of Capricorn. Our partner, African Travel Inc, offers luxury travel, including a nine day train trip through Namibia.  Click here to learn more about LGBTQ+ travel in Africa from the company's CEO.




Amalfi Coast

Fans of the dramatic sea views and B&Bs along the cliffs of Italy in the movie "Mamma Mia" will appreciate the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Named a UNESCO heritage site, the area is a haven for foodies, photographers, nature lovers and more.  Situated south of Naples, you can visit the Amalfi Coast for a long weekend or an entire week.  If you decide to visit for the week, renting a car will be your best bet (but you will need to pack some patience).  Otherwise, a private tour or driver might be a better option.  The city of Pompeii is a short visit away and from Naples, you can easily reach several other cities within Italy via train if you want to extend your honeymoon to become an Italian adventure.





Vermont probably isn't what you have in mind when you think "honeymoon", but with hundreds of romantic inns and beautiful scenery, this New England destination is the perfect year-round getaway.  One of my family's favorite places to visit is the town of Stowe.  Rarely do we visit the same place twice because we like to explore new destinations when we go on vacations, but this is a place we keep finding ourselves going back to.  In the winter, it's the setting of a Hallmark movie.  In the spring and summer, it's the perfect escape from everyday life.  And in the fall, it's quintessential New England. The Stone Hill Inn is an award-winning inn with only nine guest rooms and a strict "no kids" policy.  Nestled among nine acres of forest, you start each day off with a gourmet breakfast and end it by the crackling fire.

Costa Rica

Here's a fun fact about Costa Rica...  According to Happy Planet Index, it's the happiest country in the world.  It's definitely called Pura Vida for a reason - and in Costa Rica that's more than a phrase, it's an entire lifestyle.  Here is another fun fact: with over 500,000 species, Costa Rica is the also the most biodiverse country.  If you love nature, this is a must see destination.  You will have two airports to choose from when flying into Costa Rica, and you'll want to choose one general area depending on your primary interest.  Oh, and Costa Rica isn't an island  - it's a country in Central America that takes about nine hours to drive from the Pacific coast on one side to the Caribbean coast on the other.  Roads are rough and drive times are slow, so renting a car isn't advisable.  Your best bet is either a land tour or staying at one of the many beautiful resorts with organized day tours.


Like Vermont, you may be thinking "Utah?", but picture this... You're staying in a beautiful desert resort just 15 minutes away from Lake Powell but miles away from civilization.  You have a yoga studio, Pilates classes, a spa, and views of the Grand Staircase at your disposal.  For the more adventurous, you can stay in tented pavilions with your own private plunge pool.  After a day at the national parks such as Bryce, Zion or the Grand Canyon, you'll have five star dining to come back to and the opportunity to sleep under the stars.  Feeling adventurous, how about a hot air balloon ride?




Our advisors have experience planning all of the trips above and have visited many of the destinations personally. For assistance planning these or any honeymoon getaway, contact us via phone or email, and we'll be happy to help!