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About Us

Welcome to Big Creek Travel, a travel agency focused on delivering memorable moments through our experience and expertise.  Our advisors come from different backgrounds and are based in different locations, but they all have one thing in common - they are passionate about travel and love to help others share that feeling.  We believe in the power of building relationships and partnering with our clients to create an experience customized to their interests and preferences.

Travel planning can feel overwhelming - the average American spends more than 23 hours researching a trip before booking.  But why be average? We’ll let you in on a secret… The online travel sites? They don’t have access to the discounts they once had.  But our relationships with our vendors ensure that we still do. And that means that through us you get access to discount codes, promotions, and perks not available to the public.  And even more importantly, your dedicated advisor has extensive industry knowledge and personal experience to ensure that you have a partner and advocate throughout the entire process.

We like to say “if you can travel to it, we can plan it” and, with a few exceptions, that’s pretty much true. Whether your dreams take you to the rivers of Europe, the oceans of the Caribbean, the savannas of Africa, the mountains of Alaska, or even somewhere off the beaten path, we have an advisor ready to assist. From solo travelers to groups of 100 or more, the only limitation is your imagination!

Your travel experts: contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation.