About Us

Travel brings to life the history, culture and experiences of a world outside our own. When we decide to explore and embark on adventures, we discover that although we may sometimes feel worlds apart, we all have more in common than we once believed. 

At Big Creek Travel, we believe in focusing on travel planning as an experience, not a transaction. We provide our clients a consultative approach based on individual interests and preferences. 

Our Specialties

Working with a travel advisor helps you save time, money and stress. Sure you can plan DIY-style, but who do you turn to when something doesn’t go according to plan? Our advisors provide you with the information you need to help you make informed travel decisions and are there as advocates and personal guides. If you value personalized service and a high level of expertise, our team is here to help build dreams and create memories.  



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“It’s all about hope, kindness, and a connection with one another.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Travel is about connections – connecting with the people, cultures and history of the world around us.  The name “Big Creek Travel” is also about connections.  Big Creek is a stream in Georgia that runs nearly 27 miles from Forsyth County to Roswell . As a child, our founder went on many adventures at the mouth of Big Creek, which ran through her neighborhood. Years later, her children have created their own Big Creek adventures in their neighborhood, which borders the source of the stream – creating a connection full of memories.